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Building Stylish & Robust Barbeques and Smokers

Model: BBQ-T1

Price: ฿POA

Description: Trailer

1. The trailer carries the smoker and the BBQ.
2. There is a box on the back right for carry wood. The mash as ALL racks on the trailer are made from 304 stainless steel.
3. There is a box in front to carry your meat and a LPG-tank with torch to light your fires.
4. The trailer is equipped with taillights for safe driving.

Description: Smoker

1. The chamber is 182 cm long, diameter is 62 cm. It totals 150 US gallons.
2. The thickness of the steel is 6 mm.
3. There are 2 doors, hinges laser cut to perfection.
4. Inside at the bottom are 3 fixed stainless steel racks, which you can take out for cleaning.
5. The upper racks are sliding.
6. There is a drain valve to clean your smoker.
7. The baffle plate is 6 mm thick steel plates which are removable.
8. The stack is 17 cm in diameter and foldable. There is no butterfly valve as I like to control the fire inside the firebox. I never use it, so why fit it?
9. On top is our logo, the Thai laser cut steel house.
10. In front is a foldable, detachable stainless steel rack. The door sealing is fitted on the inside of the door which gives the smoker a real slick clean look.
11. The gauges are 2 Tel Tru’s with a 4 inch stem.

Description: Firebox

1. The firebox is 9 mm thick with 2 doors, one door inside the other. The big door can be used to clean the firebox, the smaller door is perfect to fuel the firebox. The air intake is our logo laser cut into the door and 2 vents placed at the front and back of the box.
2. Inside the firebox is a 9 mm laser cut steel plate to lay your wood. On the steel plate is a wood basket also perfect went you get your heat from charcoal.

Description: BBQ:

1. The BBQ is an Argentinian grill based on our BBQ-A4. This size is 90 cm wide and 55 cm deep. The V-grates are 304 stainless steel.
2. The inside walls are covered with refractory bricks to give you maximum heat retention.

Dimensions (cms):

Tailor Made: All dimensioning and specifications are unique and are subject to requirements

  • Add-ons:

    • Starter  ฿600
    • Woodbasket ฿850
    • Ash rake & Fire poke ฿800


  • Heat resistant paint (mat black)
  • Oiled (patina look)

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