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Building Stylish & Robust Barbeques and Smokers

Who We are

It all started in May 2020. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we created our first BBQ. Just for fun. We used secondhand LPG-tanks which had the right thickness and size. After opening our Facebook-page, the orders started to come in. And before we knew it, we were building lots of BBQ and smokers and saw ourselves driving all over Thailand delivering our product. But slowly we ran out of LPG-tanks and had to come with an other idea. We also decided to built our smokers more big, gain thickness of the steel and become more professional. We tried to reach “American Standard” and after a lot of planning and building, we reached that goal. We proudly present you BBQ and Smokers Thailand, the only company in Thailand that makes the real PITS!! BST makes no concessions to the product. We only want to give you the best of the best!!