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Building Stylish & Robust Barbeques and Smokers

Model: BBQ-C1

Price: ฿89,000


Heading to the big ones of our series. This reverse flow smoker has a cooking chamber of almost 1,5 meters and is made as a reverse flow. A 40 cm! steel rack in front allows you to place your meat before it is put into the cooking chamber. This smoker is very suitable for big parties and is also used for restaurants who want to show off with this great cooking apparatus.

Dimensions (cms):

* L x H x W: 242 cm x 292 cm x 92 cm
* Bottom Rack: 126 cm x 47 cm
* Upper Rack: 126 cm x 39 cm
* Firebox: 50 cm x 50 cm
* Gauges: 2


  • Starter  ฿600
  • Woodbasket ฿850
  • Ash rake & Fire poke ฿800


  • Heat resistant paint (mat black)
  • Oiled (patina look)

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