Company Registration: Thailand:
Building Stylish & Robust Barbeques and Smokers

Model: BBQ-A2

Price: ฿36,000


It is a BBQ and it is a smoker…. This BBQ/smoker has a 6 mm steel plate inside with a divider so you can make a fire on the left side and smoke on the right. Or you can remove the divider and BBQ over the full length of the BBQ. The air intake is on the left and sucks the oxygen inside the burn your charcoal to a maximum. The stack is on the right and has a butterfly valve so you can adjust the airflow. There are 2 racks inside. The top one has sliders so you can easily place your meat.

Dimensions (cms):

* L x H x W: 92 cm x 182 cm x 72 cm
* Bottom (2) Racks: 36 cm x 41 cm
* Upper Rack: 68 cm x 41 cm
* Gauges: 1


  • Starter  ฿600
  • Woodbasket ฿850
  • Ash rake & Fire poke ฿800


  • Heat resistant paint (mat black)
  • Oiled (patina look)

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