Company Registration: Thailand:
Building Stylish & Robust Barbeques and Smokers

Model: BBQ-A5

Price: ฿22,000

I know that most of you guys know how your wives love to cook on this small concrete BBQ’s. And I think that most of you have them at home as well. And I must say, to cook sticky rice they are perfect!! But for us, farlang and Thai husbands, these things are to small to cook a nice steak on.

So…….. Why not make a BBQ that your wife can use to cook her fish and meat on and also is big enough for us guys to BBQ and/or braai?
Well……. this is the result, our BBQ-A5. A versatile BBQ that can swing out to quickly add some wood/charcoal and can go up and down to control the heat.

The unit is made of 4 mm thick steel, outer frame and rack are 304 stainless steel.
There is an air-vent in front to let oxygen come in and the floor is covered in fire bricks.

Of course…… you can take the frame out and sit around a fire as well.


  • Square surface 52×52 cm
  • Variable in height and rack can swing to left and right.
  • The steel of the box is 4 mm thick.
  • The outside frame and the rack are 304 stainless steel.
  • The floor is covered with fire bricks.


  • Starter  ฿600
  • Ash rake & Fire poke ฿800


  • Heat resistant paint (mat black)
  • Oiled (patina look)

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